Smart Load Monitoring

Smart Load Monitoring Technology in Wirop

Since 1992, Wirop Industrial Co., Ltd. has been providing the load testing equipment worldwide. Wirop is an specialist in test beds across many different rigging and lifting gears. All these products have been part of many different fields including-oil and gas, marine, and construction.

In 2017, Wirop introduces its new product to provide a more comprehesive range for the customers. The load links, the load shackles and its associated handset and software packages. with continuous integration, Wirop is now with equipped with wireless communication technology to monitor the load. Networking the load with our computerized system. We are proud to be able to offer the load monitor system to global market.

With locations in the USA, German and China, agent in Australia, plus a global network, we aim to deliver any catalogue product to any location in the world within days.

Smart Load Monitoring Team Memeber Qualifications
  • PhD Electronic Engineering
  • ME Electronic Engineering
  • ME Instrumentation and Control Systems Engineering
  • MSc Information Technology
  • MSc Electronic Engineering
  • ME Mechanical Engineering

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