Smart Press



▼ Featuring the latest Radio Frequency Indentification (RFID) technology and computer controlled machinery.

▼ Guides selection of correct dies and pressure.

▼ Singals warning alerts in case of hydraulic oil overheating, incorrect operating pressure and improper die installation.
▼ Monitoring the parameters of the oil temperature and pressure.

▼ User friendly human-machine interface (HMI) makes parameter setting, operation and monitoring work very simple.

▼ Ensures correct operation of the machine, hence extending service life of the dies and swaging machine.

Smart Mode detects die size installed in the die holder and automatically sets swaging pressure.

Conventional Mode allows the swaging pressure to be set manually if dies are not equipped with RFID chips. Temperature and die installation sensors are still active to provide additional safety.


Swaging information such as splicing tables, recommended swaging methods
and the operation manual is stored in the PLC's memory.

Die Number Sensor detects which die is installed in the machine and adjusts pressure accordingly.

Pressure Sensor detects the amount of hydraulic pressure is being exerted and stops the machine at the set pressure, and warns if the machine has exceeded the recommended.

Oil Temperature Sensor warns if the oil temperature exceeds the normal operating range.