"Wirop" provides a series of heavy-duty seals for container, railroad cars, trailers and other closures. Wirop has been designing, manufacturing and supplying seals for the container, transportation and security industry for the past 20 years. Our clients include TAIWAN CUSTOMS、YANG MING LINE、UNIGLORY、….etc. Designing the most secure and tamperproof seal has been Wirop's goal. We know that in the minds of our customers, the most important thing is making the best choice for the most secure seal for their application.

For these reasons, we have developed the "SEALNSECURE" brand seals to conform to users' needs.
The "SEALNSECURE" brand seals are designed and manufactured with the following in mind:
  • Safe Locking and easy installation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Economical
  • Bar coding, check digits available
  • Number and Mark inside
  • Custom made seals are Marked, colored and coded to protect the interests of both transport company and owner of the goods.
  • Featuring the latest technology
  • Each "Wirop" seal has been proofed the pull loads for over 300kgs by the operation and testinf of MIRDC laboratory in confirmity to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17712:2010.