At Wirop, quality begins in our Research and Development. Our engineers are equipped with cutting edge technology to assist them in the design process. Through the use of 3D engineering software and real-world experience, our endineers create innovative designs and perform analysis on those designs to better understand their functionality before the first plate of steel is ever cut. Our endineers are committed to providing the highest quality tensile testing machines in the industry. Though our design processes, we are able to offer you the option of selecting from one of our many standard models or helping you design a testing machine to fit your specific needs.

Since our first testing machine was developed in 1985, we have been designing testing equipment to meet our customers' every need. Whether your testing machines are horizontal or vertical, for pre-stretch or special testing, Wirop has the knowledge and experience that you can rely on for many years to come. 


▼ Special design for tensile testing of long materials, such as wire rope, fiber rope, chain and so on.

▼ Fully enclosed frame structure is assembled together from a few parts, allowing easy assembly and relocation as well as increasing length of test bench.

▼ Fixed solid steel plates at the base of test benches are guarded with automatic protection cover to prevent fragments of test specimen dislodging duing testing.

▼ A variety of testing selection : proof test, break test, hold test and cycle test.

▼ Elongation measurement.

▼ Accuracy of +/- 1% is achieved between 10% to 100% of the load cell value. For less than 10% of the secondardy load cell (optional) value, accuracy of +/- 1% is also achieved. All load cells are calibrated to ASTM E-4 or ISO 7500.

▼ User friendly operating system. It is designed to easily and efficiently translate the operator's commands for the control.

▼ Emergency Stop and Alarm Buzzer allow the user to stop all hydraulic movements in an emergency during testing.

▼ All Wirop Test Benches come with computer and printer with operator friendly software. Wirop testing software offers the operator the ability to enter as much or as little information as needed to perform a test. For fast, fully automatic testing, the operator can simply choose the type of test, set the load limit and start to test.

▼ Testing speed is adjustable by software.

▼ Various comparision curves : Load-Elongation, Load-Time, and Elongation-Time.


▼ Designed to easily and efficiently translate the operator's commands to the hydraulic power unit and ensure precise loading.

▼ Ergonomic Work Area to place your work orders, all the computer eqiupment, controls and paperwork in one place to reduce clutter.

▼ Self Contained Unit is separated from the hydraulic power unit; allow the user to achieve optimum vantage point, lower noise, and a separate control room.

▼ Intuitive buttons on manual control are clearly labeled and organized for easy control the pump pressure, protection covers, and position of the crosshead.

Standard Controls for testing machines 50-300 tonnes.

Standard Controls for testing machines 500-1000 tonnes.

▼ Larger testing machines' controls are customized according to the user's testing requirements.