▼ WIROP® is striving to provide the highest quality swaging machines in the industry. Longer service life of swaging machine is a cost effective and time efficient solution.

▼ Till now, WIROP® has over 40 years of experience and leading knowledge in wire rope swaging technology.

▼ Continuous development of WIROP® Swaging Machines produces not only reliable machines, but also very silent ones (operating noise is less than 70 dB) to make the work less stressful.

▼ The PLC electric control system is very user-friendly.

▼ Equipped with AUTOMATIC/MANUAL selection, force setting device, adjustable stroke, emergency shut off switch and a foot-level switch.

▼ A dial on the machines sets the sleeve size which automatically determines the hydraulic pressure required for swaging the sleeves, eliminating the possibility of under or over swaging.

▼ The distance between the die openings can be manually adjusted, reducing the waiting time for the dies to fully open or close.

▼ The swager can be operated by foot or by hand. Foot Pedals allow manual operation of the swaging machine without using UP and DOWN buttons on the control panel.

▼ The die are fixed in place and move vertically.

▼ The dies are fully accessible, allowing the rigger free movement with the larger sing around the swaging area.

All of the bodies are made of one piece casting alloy steel.

Pressure Control Knob allows the operator to select the correct pressure to swage the sleeve and eliminates the possibility of over or under swaging.

Industry Exclusive 3 Modes of Operation.
"MANU" = Maunal
"AUTO" = Automatic
"A.R." = Auto Return

** "AUTO" switch : Allows swaging of sleeves automatically to pre-fixed settings. Ideal for swaging aluminum ferrules.
** "AUTO RETURN" : Allows the dies to move up when pressing the "UP" foot pedal and moves down automatically when released. This allows faster and more efficient swaging of carbon steel sleeves.

Pillar Die Holder Guides allow for a stress free range of motion and eliminates the possibility of die and die holder rotation.

Die Alignment Rods are easy to use and keep dies in place during swaging process.

Return Line Filter with status indicator will indicate when filter cleaning is required.

Durable Spring Pins lock the dies in place and allow for easy installation.