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Product Name : Readers

Item No. : WPL-HS

Wirop develops two types of reading device,Mobile handset and the USB reader. The Mobile handset read the load data and records the peak,average,and displays the current load. The mobile handset simultaneously monitor four Wirop load cells. The USB reader send the load data to the Windows based computers. The USB reader work with software packages developed by Wirop IT team and provides different functionality for the customers.
Product Specification

Wireless Handset and Cable Handset

The Wireless Handset is our robust digital handheld display with a wide range of feature and suitable to receive load data from Wirop wireless loadcell products. The Wireless Handset is not bound to any specific load cell. The handset is able to read up to four wireless loadcells simultaneously. When you lose one, you can continue to read the load data by replacing a new Wireless Handset.

The cable handset read the load data from one cable load cell. It is powered by either battery or power plug.
* Reading up to four Wirop wireless load cells at once.
* Showing the load in different units. Kg, Tonnes, LBS, and KN.
*Recording the peak load of each load cell.
*Pre-set Zero.
*Peak Recording
*Summing multiple load value.
*Wireless range up to 150-250m in free space
*Battery: Four AA batteries.
*Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C

USB reader

USB reader connects the loadcells with the computer. The Wirop software development team offer many different software packages. Datalogging software, Certificate generator, centre of gravity and other customised software packages.

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