Recoiling Machine

Product Name : Recoiling Machine

Item No. : WPRC-800

▼ User friendly control panel for easy operation.

▼ Two modes of operation : Manual / Automatic.

▼ Adjustable re-coiling speed (Max. speed, RPM).

▼ The direction of rotations (Forward or Reverse) can be switched.

▼ Equipped with a wireless remote control box.
Product Specification
Model WPRC-800
  Power supply, HP 5
  Coil capacity, kg 800
  Max. coil size, O.D x W, mm 1500 x 450
  Max. speed, RPM 30
  Dimensions ( W x L x H ), mm 2080 x 1650 x 1700
** WIROP® reserves the right to change specifications.
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