Two-Column Type Hydraulic Swaging Machines


300 ton Two-Column Type Hydraulic Swaging Machine

▼ The special design for large-capacity force allows fast, easy access for more efficient swage work on larger slings. All of bodies are made of one piece of casting alloy steel.
Product Specification
WP-300H (2-Column type)
  Column 2   Loaded Speed (mm/s) 1.7
  Max. Pressure Capacity (MT) 315   Reversing Speed (mm/s) 14.5
  Power Supply (hp) 7.5   Operating Height (mm) 1240
  Max. Oil Pressure (kgf/cm²) 300   Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 1300 x 600 x 1600
  Max. Piston Stroke (mm) 70   Approx. Weight (kgs) 1490
  Unloaded Speed (mm/s) 11.7
  Aluminum Ferrules
  (one / multi-stage)
#26 / #32   Swage Sockets
  Full Shank #5/8"
  Flemish Eye Steel Sleeves #1-1/8"   Progressive #3/4"
** WIROP® reserves the right to change specifications.