C-Frame Hydraulic Swaging Machines


1000 ton C-Frame Hydraulic Swaging Machine

▼ The special design for the C-frame structure (one column body) allows fast access and more efficient swaging, allowing the rigger free movement with the sling around the swaging area. All of the bodies are moad of one piece of casting alloy steel.
Product Specification
WP-1000C (C type)
  Column 1   Loaded Speed (mm/s) 1.9
  Max. Pressure Capacity (MT) 1051   Reversing Speed (mm/s) 12.5
  Power Supply (hp) 20   Operating Height (mm) 1100
  Max. Oil Pressure (kgf/cm²) 300   Dimensions L x W x H (mm) 2840 x 950 x 2100
  Max. Piston Stroke (mm) 100   Approx. Weight (kgs) 12,000
  Unloaded Speed (mm/s) 9.8
  Aluminum Ferrules
  (one / multi-stage)
#48 / #54   Swage Sockets
  Full Shank #1"
  Flemish Eye Steel Sleeves #2-1/2"   Progressive #1-1/2"
** WIROP® reserves the right to change specifications.