Annealing and Tapering Machines


Annealing and Tapering Machines

▼ Three models for the maximum wire rope diameter 26, 36, and 44mm.
▼ Easy operation : After tensioning the wire rope and the current is applied, red annealing occurs.  By slowly turning the hand wheel, a special designed device will twist and pull apart the wire rope at the same time to make sure the ends are twisted and tapered.
▼ Allows annealing and tapering different sizes of wire rope by adjusting the distance between the machine chucks.
▼ Unique design for grips to secure the wire rope properly.
▼ Optional Accessories : Suction device.
Product Specification
Model WPAC-36
  Capacity, mm 12~36
  Operating height, mm 805
  Overall height, mm 1900
  Length, mm 1350
  Handle width, mm 1000
  Weight (approx.), kg 870
  Capacity of transformer, KVA 30
  Adjustable current range, A(V) 14~90 (380)
  Voltage 220/380V Single Phase (or as request)
** WIROP® reserves the right to change specifications.